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Strength + Nutrition

Introduction to Strength + Nutrition

The Strength + Nutrition program starts with a 2 hour workshop followed by 8 weeks of Small Group Training. Along with the workshop and training, the program also includes a Facebook group for interaction with your trainer and fellow members.

// The workshop is an introduction to the Flexible Eating plan. Flexible eating is based around macros. In this informative workshop, you will learn what foods will work for YOU to succeed in YOUR fitness journey. Rather than spending hours in the gym, we can expedite our progress by prioritizing food first, training second to become the strong, confident women we are.

// Members will meet once a week with their small group for training. Training will include power lifting, weightlifting and body building movements, as well as conditioning work that includes flexibility, balance and agility.

// The program also includes a Facebook group to give members an opportunity to ask our Trainer, Maria, any questions they may have regarding their meal planning. The Facebook group will also provide inspiration and accountability. We are so excited for you to join us and accomplish your goals for fueling your fitness for performance and strength!


> Start Date: Week of August 21st (workshop on Aug. 17th or Aug. 19th)

> Training: Once weekly for 8 weeks

> Cost: $270 (includes all 8 training sessions, workshop and nutritional coaching)


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