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Figures offers a variety of training options:

 √ One on one training (Schedule at convenience; one client to one trainer)

 √ Buddy Training (Schedule at convenience; two clients to one trainer)

 √ Small Group Training (8 week session; two to four client to one trainer once a week)

 √ Fit Food 30 (4 week session; includes meal plan and accountability)

Small Groups start the week of June 25th!

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7am – Summer Shred with Maria

8am – Strength with Maria

8:20am – Zumba & Movement with Wanda

8:30am – Intro to TRX with Kathleen

8:30am – Strength and Tone with Andrea

10am – Strength with Maria

11am – Core & Balance with Wanda (30 Min)

6:30 pm – Advanced Lifting with Maria



8:30am – Strength and Tone with Andrea

9am – 30 Minute Abs with Carly

9:30 am – Fit Over 50 with Carly

1pm – Mobility and Flexibility with Heather

3:30pm – Strength with Maria

4:30pm – Strength with Maria



6:30am – Summer Shred with Maria

7:30am – Summer Shred with Maria

10am – Beginning Strength with Maria

10:30am – Fit Over Fifty with Kathleen

11am – Beginning Strength with Maria

11am – Shoulders & Lower Back with Wanda (30 Min)

5pm – Strength and Tone with Andrea



7am – Beginning Strength with Maria

8am – Beginning Strength with Maria

9:30am – Fit Over 50 with Kathleen

4pm – Fit Over 50 with Carly

5pm – Strength Training with Carly

6pm – Fit Over 50 with Carly

7pm – 30 Minute Abs with Carly



7am – Advanced Lifting with Maria

7:30am – Fit Over 50 with Kathleen

8:20am – Zumba & Movement with Wanda

8am – Advanced Lifting with Maria

9am – Advanced Lifting with Maria


Book over the phone, via email or at the front desk! Limited availability.



All groups meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Groups start the week of Monday, June 25th.


FIT OVER 50: We will focus on all the 5 components of fitness, which are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, flexibility, and body composition. We will also work on agility and balance. We will exercise at a low to moderate level of intensity. Every person has their own level of fitness and you will exercise at your own level within this group. Throughout our 8 weeks together you will be able to notice your body becoming stronger and you’ll have more energy!

ADVANCED LIFTING: This small group is for those that have graduated from Strength Training with Maria, that have experience in the powerlifting exercises and body building style that want to add more compound movements for a more progressive style of lifting. We will get into the power snatches, hang cleans, overhead squats, etc.

BEGINNING STRENGTH // Intro to Lifting: An hour where we understand and practice the basic movements for people that want to explore the different muscle groups to strengthen your overall build with appropriate form and a better understanding of the mechanics of the lifts. We go over the squat, overhead press, deadlift, and bench press in detail, with a knowledge of accessory lifts that complement the upper and lower body.

STRENGTH TRAINING: For those looking to push their mental toughness while working on their physical strength. Body weight training paired with metabolic conditioning so you’ll achieve optimal results for that toned body you’ve been looking for! Group is customized to the individual and can incorporate weightlifting and general training based on member preference and ability. All fitness levels welcome!

STRENGTH & TONE: Get back to the basics. This is personal training with an emphasis on posture and core! This multi-tasking group will work on posture and strength. Expect to get stronger, improve your performance in the gym and in every day life!

SUMMER SHRED: Description coming soon.

CORE & BALANCE: We will work on strengthening the core, back and leg muscles that contribute most to good balance. We will also focus on balancing exercises designed to help you navigate your busy days safely and with confidence. (beginner to moderate fitness levels)

INTRO TO TRX: Description coming soon.

ZUMBA & MOVEMENT: Think your hips “just don’t move like that.” Think again. Anyone can learn to shake and shimmy with the best of them. Learning how to isolate, how to shift your weight, and how to hear the rhythms. Will also increase your muscle tone and calories burned as you pour more into your work outs.


To sign up:  Call (253-564-7546), E-Mail (Promotions@Figures247.com) or sign up at the front desk!

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