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The Angelina Story

By Figures | In Transformation | on September 8, 2016

Growing up I have always struggled with my weight; very self conscious, never comfortable in my body. I didn’t make my health apriority. I would constantly try fad diets to get “skinny”  with the goal of trying to lose as much weight as possible… Was rarely successful and when I would lose weight it would just find its way back as soon as the “diet” was over. In my early 20’s I gave birth to my two children and put on yet some more weight. Around that same time my mom was battling stage 4 breast cancer and in 2006 my mom lost her battle, that was the most difficult time in my life. I am an emotional eater and turned to food to hide my pain. A few years passed when I made the choice to start working out. My husband was avid about his workouts and inspired me, I also wanted to be a better role model for my children, physically & emotionally. But I didn’t change my eating habits, I still needed that “crutch”. Over the next few years I would jump around from gym to gym trying to find “my gym” … A gym that I actually looked forward to going to, a gym that was positive and encouraging. In 2015 a coworker of mine introduced me to hot yoga, I also tried the Barre classes they offered, I really liked it but a month unlimited membership was about $80! I couldn’t justify paying that much and still paying for a gym membership to have for cardio and weights. I searched gyms  in my area that offered Barre since it was a class I wanted to start incorporating in my workouts. I came across Figures. I started with the trial they offer. I absolutely loved the cleanliness of the gym, the positive atmosphere, the sense of community the encouragement I received not only from the staff but from the other members. I didn’t need to finish the whole trial period to know this is the gym I want to be apart of. I enjoyed mixing up my classes; Barre, Strength & Tone, Power Intervals, HIIT. Weight slowly started to fall off. When I saw a new program offered, Lose it for Good, I decided that was my birthday gift to myself. It was an 8 week program with Carrie that taught me more about fitness and how to have a healthy diet. I have been a member now for a little less than a year and have lost over 25lbs and counting! My goal is no longer to be skinny… My goal is to be FIT & HEALTHY!  I want to be a positive role model to my children and show them the importance of exercise and making healthy choices.

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