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The Christine Story

By Figures | In Transformation | on November 10, 2016

This story is the definition of PERSEVERANCE! Figures instructor/trainer recommended her as a story due to her ability to overcome obstacles and better herself with every step! Way to go Christine!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

“My fitness journey began nearly 20 years ago. I had been an athlete throughout my life but 3 kids, a husband & a job got in the way of my fitness. In 1998 I began working out, changed my eating habits, & lost 86 lbs in 1 year. Unfortunately a series of injuries & 20 surgeries interrupted my fitness routine. I would begin again only to be sidelined by another surgery. It was very frustrating, but i persevered.

I moved back to Tacoma from Kansas City in 2013 & joined Figures. I was having a lot of pain in my right shoulder & ended up having another rotator cuff repair in 2014. After rehabbing my shoulder for about 6 months I started back to my workout routine. In February 2015 I was rear-ended and ended up having 2 cervical fusions & a lumbar fusion in October 2015. I came back to Figures in April 2016 & have been attending Power Intervals 3 times a week. When I first came back just getting to my feet after an excercise on the floor was a struggle. Now I am able to fully participate in class, albeit in a sometimes modified way due to my injuries. I still struggle with my weight but my strength and fitness level continues to improve. I will be 64 in a week, have had 7 rotator cuff surgeries, including a reverse total shoulder replacement, 2 knee replacements, in addition to my neck & back surgeries. Letting my injuries side-line me has just not been an option. I love Figures 24/7, the classes, & the support & encouragement received from staff.”


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