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Maria was born in Los Angeles, California but truly grew up in Tucson, Az. There, she graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Sculpture being the first female sculptor at her college. When she wasn’t in the studio welding, painting or printmaking, she discovered that yoga was truly something she could do to ‘disconnect’ from school, work, etc. She realized it was her outlet and practiced religiously at home, in studios and in the outdoors. She has been practicing now for 9 years and teaching for 3. Maria came to Washington in 2014 where she got certified and has taught at gyms, studios and private sessions at clients’ homes. Maria was never an athlete but after her yoga metamorphosis, she realized just how exciting this new found strength was. This inspired her in finding new ways to promote and encourage others, so she merged into the Crossfit community with open arms. She realized so much about herself there, which is where she discovered powerlifting late 2015, got certified and hasn’t stopped since.

Maria now has competed at multiple competitions, each time placing top 3. She recently went to Raw Nationals where she came out being 18th out of 80 women in her weight class, is top 4 in Washington and has a master’s total (top 5% in her weight class). She has been coaching athletes from a wide spectrum in levels and continues to teach a variety of classes outside of powerlifting as well.

Maria believes that her place teaching here at Figures is quite a blessing since she thrives off seeing women appreciate their bodies and empowering one another through fitness. She believes women are equally capable and shouldn’t doubt their potential, in and out of the gym. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those wanting to feel better and get stronger, mentally and physically and by doing so, increasing the popularity for us women in the strength community.



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