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24-hour access to our open gym, over 70 membership-included classes each week, personal training, small-group sessions, massage, skincare, and amenities: we have plenty of ways for you to start, continue, or ramp up the next leg of your health and fitness journey. Between our trainers and your fellow class warriors, you’ll have someone to walk, run, jump, lift, pedal, and sweat right along with you, anytime you want.

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Let’s be real: we all have the days when we just want to sit on our couch. Fair enough, but one of the most important parts of staying healthy is maintaining healthy habits—and it’s well-known that accountability and having a connection with others helps us stick to and succeed in our fitness goals. Our trainers and staff at Figures 24/7 are proud to offer the premier women’s-only community, classes, and encouragement to help you achieve your own best health.

Group Fitness

Our 70+ large-group classes—all included in your membership—offer the variety, community, and trainer expertise to support you and help you stay committed and show up for yourself. There’s a class spot waiting for YOU to feel good about being there.

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Small Group Training

A personalized programmed session tailored to your specific goals with extra trainer attention and proper form focus: that’s the beauty of Small Group training. For 8 weeks, the same group trains together, encourages each other, keeps each other accountable, and celebrates success together.

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Personal Training

Our personal trainers are your coaches, your encouragers, your butt-kickers, and your high-five givers. They’ll be with you every step of the way to help you discover what you’re capable of, be the best version of yourself, and feel like an overall champion.

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The Figures Community

We’re in awe of our members. We’re here to support them to help them grow, whether in steps, leaps, or bounds, and seeing them win out against mental blocks, physical challenges, and everyday struggles is our inspiration. All of these women started out deciding to commit to their health and test what they thought were their limits. And we believe your own story is on its way to joining them.

The Kim Story

Nine months ago, I decided to make a change to the way I felt both physically and emotionally. Not only was I unhappy with my appearance, I was fighting fatigue, experiencing digestive issues and my preexisting health conditions were becoming more complicated. I approached the decision to change armed with the approval from both my


The Vicky Story

My parents were Alcoholics when I was growing up. My Dad was happy when he drank my Mother was happy at first but then she would get angry and then would cry.  She would often keep me up very late at night or early morning crying on my shoulder. Life was chaos in our house. 


The Adriana Story

10 years ago I was looking for a place to share my passion for holistic health, and for me Figures has been the perfect place. It is here I have found mentors, friends, and companions. My education in Mexico did not transfer over toward my licenses here in the US, so I went back to


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We’re a community of individuals who value good health, positive encouragement, feedback, and community service. We are not ‘one fitness fits all’: we’re here to support each member at their own level. We thrive on connecting with our members and helping them build their own connections and support. And we’re never satisfied: we’re always looking for ways to serve, work, train, and provide better.

Our community is built upon motivating instructors and inspiring members—we can’t wait to add the inspiration you’ll bring.

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