Dear Figures Community,
Thank you so much for the feedback and messages regarding our big announcement. We understand that the message caused confusion about the future of Figures, so we want to clarify and address the questions and feedback.
Figures will be closed after Saturday, May 1 and University Place CrossFit (UPCF) has acquired the space for lease. We explained this as a merger to help with the transition and to provide a place for Figures members to potentially continue with a fitness routine.  We know that this caused confusion and we apologize. Providing two months free trials is a gesture by UPCF to provide opportunities and options for the Figures members to try something new and different. The UPCF feedback survey is intended to see if there are Figures members interested in trying UPCF and what is important to you. We understand that the fact that a co-ed gym will be moving in is very disappointing to the Figures community and we hope that if you are open to the idea, you will experience how welcoming and positive the UPCF atmosphere is. UPCF has reached out to all of the Figures coaches to see if they are interested in learning more about future opportunities.
Have an active membership? You will not be charged for the month of May. All auto-pays have been cancelled. We will be processing pro-rated refunds for any members have have paid for services past May 1st.
Figures has been a wonderful place for women to discover their strength and find their community since 2004. Thank you all for being a part of the cherished community we built together. While closing our unique business was a difficult decision, we look forward to the future.