We are PUMPED to launch this NEW feature for our members. After months of prep we are ready to start selling our MyZone bands! What does this mean? Monitoring that allows us to provide a customized workout for YOUR fitness level and goals. Our community is full of new to fitness friends and athletes! And everywhere in between. Our heart rate monitoring system will make sure you’re working at your individual level, tell you when it’s time to crank your workout up a notch or tell you it’s okay to slow it down a bit. It’ll get you to your goals more effectively by providing real time data on your effort level also a workout summary at the end!

Coming January watch for zone classes, training groups and fun challenges!

Purchase your belt at Figures today for a discounted price!

Ways to use it:
▫️In a zone class
▫️In a zone training group
▫️During your own workout, anywhere you are! Take it on a run or hike! And use your app to collect all your data.

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