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About small groups

Take your fitness to the next level or jump start your routine! Meet weekly with one of our expert trainers in a group of two to four clients, and have customized workouts to best suit your needs and target your goals. Along the 8 weeks, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of a trainer and with small groups comes motivation and encouragement as you all work toward your individual goals. The decision is easy because these groups allow for that individual trainer attention at an affordable price! And with that individual attention from an expert trainer, comes the results you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s weight loss, energy, building strength, endurance, physique, or overall health improvement, we can get you there! And we’ll have some fun in the process.

Open Enrollment: Monday, August 5th

Small Group Session: August 19th – September 14th 

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  • 6am w/ Emma
  • 7am w/ Emma or Maureen
  • 8am w/ Emma, Emily or Maureen
  • 9am w/ Emily
  • 10am w/ Emily
  • 10:30am w/ Rachel
  • 11am w/ Kathleen
  • 12pm w/ Maureen
  • 4pm w/ Maureen
  • 6pm w/ Heidi
  • 6:30pm w/ Nicole (Lift & Cond.)
  • 6am w/ Emma, Emily or Maureen
  • 6am w/ Nicole (Adv. Shred)
  • 7am w/ Nicole, Emma, Emily, Kaylee or Maureen
  • 7:45am w/ Heather (Active Aging)
  • 8am w/ Emma, Emily, Maureen or Kaylee
  • 8:30am w/ Nicole or Kathleen
  • 9am w/ Emma, Emily or Kaylee
  • 10am w/ Kaylee or Emily
  • 10:30am w/ Heather
  • 11am w/ Emma
  • 11:30am w/ Heather
  • 11am w/ Heidi
  • 12pm w/ Emma
  • 1pm w/ Heidi
  • 1pm w/ Heather (Flex/Mobility)
  • 6am w/ Emma, Emily or Maureen
  • 7am w/ Kaylee, Emma or Emily
  • 8am w/ Kaylee
  • 8am w/ Emma, Emily, Kaylee, Emma or Emily
  • 10am w/ Emily
  • 10:30am w/ Rachel
  • 11am w/ Heather or Emma
  • 12pm w/ Emma
  • 1pm w/ Heather (Shake your A’sana)
  • 5:30pm w/ Maureen
  • 6am w/ Emma or Maureen
  • 7am w/ Emma or Maureen
  • 8am w/ Emma, Emily or Maureen
  • 9am w/ Emma or Emily
  • 10am w/ Kathleen or Emily
  • 11am w/ Emma
  • 12pm w/ Emma
  • 4pm w/ Carly (Strength over 50)
  • 4:30pm w/ Nicole
  • 5pm w/ Carly
  • 5:30pm w/ Nicole
  • 6pm w/ Carly (Strength over 50)
  • 6:30pm w/ Heidi (Kickboxing)
  • 7pm w/ Carly
  • 6am - 6pm w/ Emma (any hour)
  • 6am w/ Emily
  • 6am w/ Nicole (30 minute Ride & Row)
  • 6:30am w/ Heather (Booty Burn)
  • 7am w/ Emily or Maureen
  • 8am w/ Emily
  • 9am w/ Emily
  • 10am w/ Emily
  • 10:30am w/ Heidi
  • 12:30pm w/ Heather
  • 1:30pm w/ Heather
  • 7am - 1pm w/ Emma (any hour)
  • 8am w/ Emily
  • 9am w/ Emily
  • 10am w/ Emily
  • 11am w/ Heather (Active Aging)
  • 7am - 6pm w/ Emma (any hour)
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Small Group Training Descriptions:

Active Agers:

This small group is designed for the aging women looking to stay fit and healthy. You can expect a combination of low impact movement and resistance training done at a gentle pace with the goal of balance, posture and safety in mind. (Nicole, Heather, Emily)

Advanced Shred Crew:

This is a group of advanced athletic ladies that like to listen to loud music and train hard. The workouts are a combination of strength training and Hiit circuits. If you are looking to join a group of dedicated ladies with workouts designed to make you sweat… this is the group for you. (Nicole)

Body Sculpting:

Body sculpting (or core conditioning) is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, usually focused on core strength. This small group will use weight bars, exercise bands, or dumbbells, or a combination of these gadgets. (Heidi)

Body Tone:

This small group is focused on toning and shaping the body using endurance strength training. The focus is typical body strengthening movements with high reps and low weight, working the muscles over a longer period of time to provide shape and toning with little hypertrophy. Let’s end summer on a good note and tone up! See you in August! (Emily)

Circuit Burn:

Utilize interval training through circuits to increase strength and maximize caloric expenditure. Circuit training is time efficient by simultaneously maximizing body movement and rest time. These circuits will include a variety of components, including muscle strengthening, cardio, and stability training, providing a total body workout! (Emily)

Enhance your Endurance:

Join me as we explore exciting exercises to increase your endurance. Cardio respiratory endurance means we will be training the aerobic system. Increasing your endurance will limit your chances of injury due to physical exertion, improve cardio performance, make everyday tasks easier and increase daily energy levels.  (Emma)


A variety of styles using foam rollers, bands, yin yoga moves, etc. that will help you relieve pressure points and release tension. (Heather)

Intro to Weightlifting:

This small group is for those interested in learning about the basics of the clean and jerk, and it’s fundamental lifts, the push press, front squat and deadlift. Some experience recommended. (Kaylee)

Intermediate Crossfit:

** Prerequisite: Foundations of Crossfit or previous Crossfit experience. This small group will review the foundational movements of Crossfit as well as build on them by focusing on strength and intensity.  Be prepared for some heavy lifting, intense conditioning, and a whole lot of fun. (Maureen)

Foundations of Crossfit:

This small group will focus on learning the foundational movements of Crossfit. Each class will focus on one or two movements and finish off with a WOD. There will be emphasis on learning correct movement patterns, proprioception (how your body feels/moves in space), as well as form and stability in each of the movements you learn. Anyone eager to learn is welcome! (Maureen)

Kick Boxing:

Combines boxing fundamentals, plyometrics, High Intensity Interval Training &  abdominal work. (Heidi)

Lifting & Conditioning:

2 level options offered, Introductory & Advanced. You must have no current injuries. This group is designed for those looking to improve their strength with the use of kettlebells, barbells & dumbbells. The conditioning component is designed push you past your comfort zone with the use of Hiit type circuits, calisthenics and plyometrics. (Nicole)

Lifting 101:

This group is for those who are new to the weight room and want to learn the basics of lifting.  You will learn how to gain strength through the use of dumbbells, barbells, machines, and cables. This group is especially designed to help you feel comfortable & confident in the weight room! (Carly)

Mighty Mamas:

Core focused workouts rebuilding diastasis recti as well as pelvic floor exercises, band exercises and light weight training (depending on ability of clients). (Emma)

Mindful Yoga:

Focuses on developing a personalized practice that works with each yogis body. Some primal movement incorporated. This group is a great addition to support your body with any strength training program. (Kaylee)

Olympic Lifting:

This small group is for those with experience In overhead squating, deadlifts and front squats, and/or the clean and the snatch. (Kaylee)

Mobility & Row:

Have you ever wanted to use the rower but you are not quite sure how it works, or how you should look, feel and move on the rower? This small group offers you the knowledge needed to successfully use the indoor rower while building endurance and lean muscles.  (Rachel)

Mobility Flow:

This is not Yoga. This small group will focus on increasing mobility in the ankles, hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine.  You will learn exercises and techniques that you can use in your own daily routine. This class is a great addition to anyone who participates regularly in the Strength & Conditioning or WOD classes. (Maureen)

Regular Strength Training:

This group focuses on strengthening the major muscle groups of the body. You can expect a strictly strength workout, NO CARDIO, using a variety of resistance type equipment. This small group is designed for those looking to strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints with the goal of injury prevention in mind. (Nicole, Carly, Heidi, Kathleen, Heather, Emma, Rachel, Maureen)

Ride & Row:

DO NOT BE FOOLED this intense and loud 30 minute small group is designed to give you a full body blast. You can expect a creative combination of cycle and row circuits with a sprinkle of body weight and band Hiit. This small group is designed to leave you sweaty and wanting more. (Nicole)

Strength Training Over 50:

This group is especially for women over 50 years old.  Join other women your age as we use dumbbells, barbells, machines, cables, resistance bands, and TRX straps to help strengthen your body! (Carly, Kathleen)

Strength Performance:

A strength and conditioning small group that emphasizes constantly-varied, high-intensity functional movement. Work cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, maximizing your performance and fitness for any physical challenge or activity. (Heidi)

Shake your A*sana:

Interested in yoga and primal movements but not a slow contemplative class structure? Come jam out and get your yoga practice in while flowing to upbeat music! (Heather)

Suspended Pilates:

Integrate the most functional piece of equipment, the TRX, with the most effective exercise, pilates! This slow and steady pace workout will help develop muscle strength and endurance, as well as increase flexibility while improving posture and balance! (Heather)

TRX Body Tune-Up:

In this small group, you’ll receive FULL BODY strengthening workouts using the TRX apparatus with some cardio to help achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are a fitness beginner or a fitness guru, this small group can be modified, yet still challenge individuals of all abilities. (Emily)

Variety Fit:

This class is a variety of total body conditioning that involves both strength. This small group is designed to change each week to target all major muscles groups in a variety of ways. … This class combines resistance training with weight training moves to improve your overall strength. (Heidi)