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About small groups

Take your fitness to the next level or jump start your routine! Meet weekly with one of our expert trainers in a group of two to four clients, and have customized workouts to best suit your needs and target your goals. Along the 8 weeks, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of a trainer and with small groups comes motivation and encouragement as you all work toward your individual goals. The decision is easy because these groups allow for that individual trainer attention at an affordable price! And with that individual attention from an expert trainer, comes the results you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s weight loss, energy, building strength, endurance, physique, or overall health improvement, we can get you there! And we’ll have some fun in the process.

April 8th: Current client enrollment. (If you are currently part of a small group training session, you have first priority on re-enrolling in your group.  Must re-enroll between April 8th – 13th to guarantee spot.)

April 15th: Open enrollment to all clients.

Small Group Session: April 29th – June 22nd.

  • 8:20am w/ Wanda 30 Minute Senior Strength
  • 10:30am w/ Andrea (30 or 60 minute)
  • 11am w/ Kathleen
  • 11am w/ Andrea Posture Therapy
  • 11:15am w/ Wanda 30 Minute Senior Strength
  • 1pm w/ Heidi Variety Fit
  • 5pm w/ McKenzie Strength Training
  • 6pm w/ Heidi
  • 6:30pm w/ Kimberly 30 Minute Advanced Heavy Bag
  • 6am w/ Nicole Eat Train Shred
  • 7am w/ Kaylee
  • 8am w/ Kaylee Intro to Oly Weightlifting
  • 8:30am with Kathleen (30 Minute)
  • 9am with Kathleen (30 Minute)
  • 9am w/ Kaylee Mindful Yoga
  • 9:30am w/ Andrea (30 or 60 minute)
  • 10:30am w/ Andrea (30 or 60 minute)
  • 11:30am w/ Andrea (30 or 60 minute)
  • 1pm w/ Heidi
  • 1pm w/ Heather Flex-Mobility
  • 4pm w/ Beth Strength & Functional Movement
  • 7am w/ Kaylee Intro to Oly Weightlifting
  • 8am w/ Kathleen (30 Minute)
  • 8am w/ Kaylee
  • 8:20am w/ Wanda 30 Minute Senior Core & Balance
  • 9am w/ Kaylee
  • 11:15am w/ Wanda 30 Minute New & Recover
  • 6pm w/ Heidi Variety Fit
  • 7am w/ Kathleen (30 Minute)
  • 7am w/ Kaylee Intro to Oly Weightlifting
  • 8am w/ Kaylee Mindful Yoga
  • 9am w/ Kaylee Intro to Oly Weightlifting
  • 9am w/ Andrea (30 minute)
  • 10am w/ Kathleen Foam Rolling & Stretching (30 Minute)
  • 10:30am w/ Andrea (30 minute)
  • 10am w/ Kathleen Foam Rolling & Stretching (30 Minute)
  • 11am w/ Andrea
  • 11am w/ Kathleen
  • 3pm w/ Carly Strength Training
  • 4pm w/ Carly Fit Over 50
  • 5pm w/ McKenzie Strength Training
  • 6pm w/ Carly Strength Training
  • 6:30am w/ Heather Booty Gains
  • 8:20am w/ Wanda 30 Minute Zumba
  • 9am w/ Heidi Variety Fit
  • 10:30am w/ Andrea (30 minute)
  • 11:15am w/ Wanda 30 Minute Zumba
  • 4pm w/ Nicole Eat Train Shred
  • 5pm w/ Nicole Lifting & Strength Training
  • 11am w/ Heather
  • 9am w/ Kimberly 30 Minute Tred Shred
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Small Group Training Descriptions:

Booty Gains

Lower Body focus with bands, barbells, weights and other equipment targeting the glutes.

Fit Over 50

We will focus on all the 5 components of fitness, which are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, flexibility, and body composition. We will also work on agility and balance. We will exercise at a low to moderate level of intensity. Every person has their own level of fitness and you will exercise at your own level within this group. Throughout our 8 weeks together you will be able to notice your body becoming stronger and you’ll have more energy!

Flexibility & Mobility

A variety of styles using foam rollers, bands, yin yoga moves, etc. that will help you relieve pressure points and release tension.

Strength Training

For this small group, we go over most of the lifts that strengthen our upper, middle and lower body with an emphasis on the barbell, kettlebells and TRX. The focus will be on form and function with an overall goal of increasing strength and endurance.

Strength Training over 50

Similar to Strength Training, with an emphasis on form and function. This group will also use the cable machine and other equipment to effective build strength and endurance at a comfortable pace.

Tread Shred

30 minute cardio/endurance class taught on a treadmill. From rolling hills to sprints, power climbs to multi terrain runs and walks this class appeals to all levels. So let’s hit the hills and burn some calories.

Eat Train Shred

This group is for like-minded active women motivated to retain muscle while getting shredded (aka: decreasing body fat). The ultimate goal is to eat healthy, train at a faster pace, and live a healthy lifestyle. We will meet 1x per week for 8 weeks. During our 1hr training session you can expect a full body fat burning workout. This training session will be specific to fat burning while retaining existing muscle. You will be provided suggested personalized macros, and a recommended fat burning food list to create your own meal plan with variety in mind. I will provide you with information to help you support your body with the best possible fat burning environment. I will pull out all of the tricks to help you reach your goals. 

AWARE Lifting & Strength Training

This group is for women looking to increase their strength & body awareness. We may uncover muscle imbalances or limited range of motion within your body that may be holding you back with muscle development and the comfort of daily living. We are all designed differently and have different levels of strength and mobility. We may be using dumbbells, machines or barbells. An advantage to small group training is that your trainer can give advancements and modifications with more individualized instruction. 

Posture Therapy

This small group is designed for those looking to naturally decrease or maybe even eliminate chronic pain due to underlying structural imbalances. Your Trainer will use holistic exercise techniques with the use of gravity and your own body weight to improve alignment and balance. You can expect to have a customized sequence of simple low-demand stretches and exercises. 

Mindful Yoga

This small group is designed for those having trouble following a yoga flow in class, and are wanting to explore a little more. This small group will offer many different poses and ways to express them. Play as we move through sequences together, with our own bodies, and their abilities, at your own pace.  Sessions begin with meditation and intention setting. 

Intro to Olympic Weightlifting

This small group is designed for the beginner to learn to comfortably move a barbell from the floor to overhead. In this class you will learn basic barbell safety, using the bar progressions of the clean and jerk as well as basic supportive movements with both dumbbells and barbells. These progressions will include deadlifting, overhead pressing and squatting. 

Olympic Weightlifting

ADVANCED Small Group. This class is an advanced Olympic lifting class, requiring experience and mobility. This small group will be developing skill and speed in the clean and jerk and will start with working on the overhead squatting, snatch progressions and execution. Experience with barbells is required. 

Variety Fit

This small group is a combination of yoga, weights, cardio circuit training and kickboxing. This total-body workout combines aerobic, flexibility and resistance training to increase flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Designed for active women of all levels. this dynamic class will challenge you mentally and physical in a safe and fun environment.

Strength & Functional Movement

In this small group you will focus on training through movement not individual muscle groups. This type of training mirrors how humans were meant to move ,and helps to make us move even better. Because you’re using several muscle groups at once, coordination and neuromuscular control is also improved.