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Small Group

Figures offers a variety of training options:

 √ One on one training (Schedule at convenience; one client to one trainer)

 √ Buddy Training (Schedule at convenience; two clients to one trainer)

 √ Small Group Training (8 week session; two to four client to one trainer once a week)

 √ October Challenge (4 week session; includes meal plan and accountability)

Small Groups start the week of October 15th!  Open Enrollment October 1st.


All groups meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Groups start the week of Monday, October 15th.

Booty Gains – Lower Body focus with bands, barbells, weights and other equipment targeting the glutes.

Fit Over 50 – We will focus on all the 5 components of fitness, which are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, flexibility, and body composition. We will also work on agility and balance. We will exercise at a low to moderate level of intensity. Every person has their own level of fitness and you will exercise at your own level within this group. Throughout our 8 weeks together you will be able to notice your body becoming stronger and you’ll have more energy!

Flexibility & Mobility – A variety of styles using foam rollers, bands, yin yoga moves, etc. that will help you relieve pressure points and release tension.

Strength & Tone – Effective training with programming that incorporates both strength training and cardio and it tailored toward the individual clients goals.

Strength Training – For this small group, we go over most of the lifts that strengthen our upper, middle and lower body with an emphasis on the barbell, kettlebells and TRX. The focus will be on form and function with an overall goal of increasing strength and endurance.

Strength Training over 50 – Similar to Strength Training, with an emphasis on form and function. This group will also use the cable machine and other equipment to effective build strength and endurance at a comfortable pace.

Tread Shred – 30 minute cardio/endurance class taught on a treadmill. From rolling hills to sprints, power climbs to multi terrain runs and walks this class appeals to all levels.  So let’s hit the hills and burn some calories.

TRX Advanced – Non stop strength and core combinations alternating with cardio moves using Tabata and HITT styles using the straps prior TRX experience required

To sign up:  Call (253-564-7546), E-Mail ([email protected]) or sign up at the front desk!