So here’s me: Mom to four beautiful children between ages 3-10 years old, wife, employee, friend, runner, carpool bus…the list goes on right?! Us women are so adept at juggling a million things but not so great at focusing on ourselves. So, this was the year I decided to be intentional and disciplined (I know, not nice words!) But let me tell you, I had no idea what just four weeks could change and was nearly in tears by the end of that one month.

First, writing that I’m a runner is huge. I don’t have that typical body type and I literally started out being able to run a block then had to walk. I’m broad and curvy, always have been, and like me just the way I am, but I knew I had some work to do to be the best version of me. Seven years later and I’ve run close to twenty half marathons and more races than I can keep track of. But here’s the thing, I’ve been running plenty but for the last three years I have not been able to drop a single pound. It was both amazing and discouraging that I could run half marathons and train for races consistently but never lose any weight. My eating was pretty good too. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate, but I ate lots of veggies and fruit, and of course the splurges here and there but not fast food or anything remarkable. I began to try cross-training a little and still nothing changed. This is where I found myself at the end of March, having tried a few different food changes and work out plans, frustrated and wanting a healthier me. I was strong for sure, could run for miles and miles, carry around two kids while running errands, and eating well, but my clothes always fit the same and I couldn’t tone or lose any weight.

So, I took a leap! I joined the Fit Food 30 Group.

It can be intimating to join a group class, I know. But when I walked into that room I was surrounded by women of all ages, shapes and different spots in their journey to getting healthy. Carrie was there challenging us and encouraging us every step of the way, some days tough love and so many times cheerleading. One month later and I have lost 10 lbs and multiple inches in my various measurements (I’m an equal opportunity weight gainer). I did not do everything perfectly but I was consistent most of the time. It took some discipline and planning, and a couple days of headaches while my body detoxed some of the things I had cut out. But let me tell you, my energy level and how I felt about myself and getting healthy changed even more than my measurements. The last day when they rechecked my measurements I was stunned. I’m happy with me before any of this but I knew I could be healthier and more comfortable in my own skin. I walked out of that last class stronger for sure but the what made the difference was understanding what works best for my body, the calories, quantities, and types of food I need to make these changes. And here’s the best part-it wasn’t rocket science or impossible to keep up like diets are-it was lifestyle changes and knowing where it is worth it to splurge and how often.
I am so proud of those curvy, strong girl measurements! Do I still have work to do-heck yes! But I’m not discouraged or frustrated anymore, trying to figure out what may or may not work. That leap I took was just the first step in the right direction. – Elya