I have always struggled with my weight. I was dieting as early as 9 years old- weight watchers, Atkins, calorie counting and occasional dieting pills when I could take them without my mom knowing. In high school the beginning of my senior year I topped out at my heaviest weight before a friend of mine who had joined the National Guard, recruited me. This required training and losing weight, so I killed myself working out constantly and trying to eat healthy the best I knew how. My relationship with food has never been a great one and that continued for years. I was physically strong but was always reinforced with the idea that I was “fat” even in the military with never being able to pass weight. In 2012 I tried a vegan diet and became very thin as I was also running about 9 miles a few times a week on top of working out. This began my journey into figuring out how to properly relate with food. To this day I try to maintain a mostly plant based and gluten free diet which keeps my weight at a “healthy” level.

In 2014 my husband and I moved to Tacoma where I worked for about a year, all the while gym hopping but still discontent and sort of lost in my fitness lifestyle. Working in the health industry as a massage therapist I knew the importance of working out regularly for heart, immune and emotional health so I was determined to find a place I felt comfortable. After that first year I found FIGURES! Here I was introduced to Olympic Style Weightlifting and strength training. As I became stronger I became more confident, with this strength I am a better massage therapist, I am a stronger hiker and have also found a love for mountaineering last spring. I walk taller and I FEEL COMFORTABLE IN MY SKIN! I haven’t weighed myself in months, because who cares what that hunk of metal says when I feel and look strong and athletic. Figures has given me friends and workout buddies as well, women who love and support me for me and who cheer me on, and visa versa.

In October 2016, I became a certified sports performance coach and I offer weightlifting classes at figures for small groups, buddy training and one on one. I occasionally sub power intervals (which is my favorite next to Yoga). In the future I hope to grow my scope of training with other courses and certificates.

Being strong is giving me so many opportunities and one of my biggest goals is to be able to say, “Sure I can try that”, without having my weight or physical ability stop me. Since high school, I have dabbled in looking at becoming a firefighter and paramedic. I took public safety courses while in school, but never moved forward. With my new confidence, strength and my supportive husband pushing me forward I have started to pursue it more aggressively and I feel excited for the future. My body is capable, and strong! Figures and weightlifting has been a great gift to me! I love this place! I believe I am stronger-together with this great community of women!