Nine months ago, I decided to make a change to the way I felt both physically and emotionally. Not only was I unhappy with my appearance, I was fighting fatigue, experiencing digestive issues and my preexisting health conditions were becoming more complicated. I approached the decision to change armed with the approval from both my general practitioner and my cardiologist. I was about to change my appearance and become healthier. The cardiologist reminded me to get thin and healthy in the kitchen and fit and strong in the gym. Nursing my heart arrhythmia with simple cardio and weight training was what the doctor ordered. Both doctors desired seeing my weight reduced to assist with managing my 20 plus years battle with autoimmune disorders.

I reduced carbohydrates, eliminated inflammatory causing foods that were aggravating my autoimmune conditions. I began using food as fuel instead of therapy. I eliminated the word “diet” from my vocabulary. I changed my eating plan for life. After much reading, talks with physicians and internet research, I decided to track macro nutrients and learn to change and manage my metabolism. My energy skyrocketed and my cravings for sugar and starch declined. I was facing life-giving consequences to my decision to change.
After 4 weeks of following a low carb, moderate protein and healthy fat eating plan, I noticed less bloat and significant weight loss. I began taking a group exercise class that focused on full body workouts with a balance of weights and cardiovascular training. I found comfort and support at Figures. The consequences to my decision to live differently were quickly paying off.
By the first of the year, I reached a 17 pound weight loss and I was missing 12 inches overall. Other consequences to my new choices were improved sleep, reduced cravings, mental clarity and a more positive reflection in the mirror. Today, I choose to continue making healthy choices in the kitchen and enjoy my time in the gym. There is more weight to lose. I am confident that with my new attitude, my new and improved eating plan and the motivation I receive from the ladies at Figures, the up and coming consequences will be those that I can literally live with!
See you at Figures! Kim Seevers, age 51