“When I attended high school in the late-50’s there were no organized sports or exercise activities for girls other than what was offered in Physical Education class and certainly not a lot of emphasis for girls staying fit. In my subsequent years as a school nurse I recognized the importance of regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle, so when two exercise classes sprang up in my neighborhood in 1974, I decided to give it a go. One evening class at Curtis Junior High that I attended folded after a couple of years, but I was able to continue the class at Fircrest Recreation Center for the next 39 years with the same instructor. About the same time, I joined an “Over 30″ women’s recreational soccer team and played for 19 years until the team disbanded in 1993. Adding outdoor biking to my exercise regimen in 1982, I pedaled enough miles over the next 32 years to circle the globe more than twice. Hit by a car while biking in 2008, and with the bones in my left leg shattered, I was unable to walk for 18 weeks, but within 7 months was able to return to my exercise class and biking. I joined Figures in 2013 after the Fircrest class ended and replaced the outdoor biking with 25 miles of stationary biking daily. After 42 years, I guess one could say I am thoroughly hooked on exercise. At Figures I have found a variety of classes to attend everyday that help me stay fit, active and feed my exercise habit. The staff/instructors are always helpful, congenial, knowledgeable and encouraging just like my fellow class members who are friendly, positive and always inspiring me to do my best.”