Ladies, it’s not about the weight. At age 11, I was over 200 pounds, pre-diabetic, and had serious food and inactivity problems. Middleschool was a nightmare. Food was my comfort, and became an obsession. My doctor told me I’d develop diabetes if I kept up my bad habits, and told me I’d be even more different from everyone else if I did. I became obsessed with fitting in and being accepted. I thought that if I looked socially acceptable, more people would like me. I joined track and ran 2 – 4 miles every day and severely restricted my eating habits. I did lose weight but my life did not change. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and frankly stopped being a good person. It wasn’t until adulthood when I quit trying to impress the people that were never a part of my circle, and I not in theirs, and never would be.

 Now I’m in my mid 20’s, considered “slightly overweight”, but strong.  100% healthy. 

Humble. Accepting of myself and others. Recognizing my mistakes. I have a circle of people that I love and trust, and who accept me for me and recognize the effort I put into making myself a better person every day. People make weightloss the “goal” as if some number on a scale is going to change their life in some magical way. Sure you may be able to fit into smaller clothes and be more active.  And that’s about it. Healt goals should be focused on the way we feel, acheiving HEALTH rather than weight. Our focus should be on keeping our bodies in check and taking care of the vessel that embodies our soul, specifically our health, well being and and being a better person than we were yesterday. Exercise because of the benefits it provides, like positive moods and longevity. Eat in moderation to fuel your body.   Focus on your health and life, and the impact you have on the people who are always there; the impact that they have on you, and the impact you have on them.

More about Emily: She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology, ACSM Certified Trainer, Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified.  Emily coaches Wed. 5:45am Rise & Grind and Thurs. 5:45am Cycle.