MyZone MEP Winner, Terri J!

Congrats to Terri J!  Most MEPS in January.

5,576 MEPS (MyZone Effort Points)


“Most of my life I have been a fitness fanatic. Over the past few years as I approached my late 40’s, my eating habits began changing and workout regimens gradually began to taper off, as I continuously struggled with work-life balance challenges.  In late 2018, I became increasingly unhappy with my unhealthy lifestyle and appearance, and decided that I needed to drastically change the way I felt both emotionally and physically.  In January 2019, I began searching around various fitness centers in the area, and was thrilled to join 24/7 Figures with the endless variety of fitness classes, lovely staff, amazing and motivating trainers (Kimberly, McKenzie, Elise, Emily & Heidi), and challenging group fitness classes.


In September, Heidi my small group coach approached me to see if I had any interest in joining one of her small group sessions. At the time I hadn’t given much thought to the idea of joining a small group because of my lengthy work schedule wasn’t sure I would be able to commit.  Heidi mentioned she had one spot available in her boxing small group. I have taken several TRX/kickboxing classes over the past year and absolutely love the challenging workout, so I decided to sign up. I was surprised at how I was being pushed with her guidance. For the second phase, Heidi not only continued to challenge us with new and intense boxing and endurance workouts, I enjoy the team comradery with the amazing ladies in our small group, Heidi provides ongoing support and guidance to set goals and keep us focused and on track.  She also ensures we get our makeup sessions if we are unable to make our regularly scheduled small group.  The new fire that has ignited was something I knew I had in me.  Special thanks to Heidi for her support and mentorship!

Maintaining healthy habits, accountability and having a connection with others helps me stick to and succeed in my fitness goals.  Now, I feel driven to do more and push myself to achieve my optimal fitness goals.  I am proud that I exceeded my personal Myzone fitness goal in January, and look forward to continue challenging myself and the Myzone teammates to keep the positive momentum going in the coming months.

What inspires and motivates you to achieve your optimal health and fitness goals? Dig deep and make it happen!”