Personal Training
Strength Training


Training Philosophy:

As a trainer my goal is to share my passion for lifting weights with other women! I believe that lifting should be a part of every woman’s fitness routine. My desire is to teach and guide other women, in a fun and uplifting environment, so they feel comfortable in the gym and confident with their training. I want to use my passion for fitness to motivate and encourage others to live a healthy life and find joy in reaching new levels of their fitness.


Bio: Because I’ve always been a thin person, I went through my teens and twenties without thinking twice about what I ate or if I exercised.  I was active, cheerleading in high school & college.  Once I reached my early thirties, after having two children and participating in zero exercise for 10+ years, I started to feel more and more out of shape.  My husband was working out regularly, and he convinced me to come to the gym and try some classes.  I complained that I didn’t have the time, with small children at home, but I knew that I needed to do something.  Most of the classes felt so hard, but then I tried Zumba and loved it!  It took me right back to my dance/cheer days!

Then, about 4 years ago, I was hired to work at the front desk of Figures!  Being here at such an awesome gym and seeing the energy and dedication of our instructors and members made me more excited about trying new things!  Shortly after I started working at Figures, I was offered a body composition test, and I was told by the dietician that my bodyfat percentage was “above the healthy range for a woman my age”.  I was shocked!  I knew that I wasn’t in the best shape, and I had definitely started feeling self-conscious about my cellulite and how flabby I was feeling.  Nevertheless, being a thin person, I had never suspected that I was at an unhealthy bodyfat percentage.  This was just the motivation I needed to kick my butt into gear!  I committed to working out 3-4 times a week, and I changed the way I was eating.  I started enjoying new classes like Barre, Power Sculpt and TRX.  Once I discovered TRX, I was hooked!  The classes were tough, but I learned to love it, and best of all I finally started seeing some results!  I also started venturing into the weight room with my husband, who was excited to fill me with knowledge!

Over the past few years, I have learned to LOVE lifting weights more than anything else!  I have gotten more serious and consistent with my workouts, and I have slowly progressed from classes to now lifting weights exclusively 5-6 times per week.  It’s now my lifestyle…and  instead of feeling like a chore, my workouts are something I look forward to!  Over the past few years, I’ve lowered my bodyfat percentage by about 13% without losing any weight, which is a huge change in body composition!  In fact, I actually weigh a few pounds more than I did when I first started working out, but you’d never guess it!  Because of fat loss and muscle gain, my body looks completely different, even though my weight hasn’t changed much at all!

Feeling comfortable and confident in the weight room has been another huge accomplishment for me.  Having the knowledge of what I should be doing and learning proper technique has given me the confidence to do the things that have transformed my body!  Feeling comfortable using the “big weights” was a game changer for me.  Lifting weights has changed my body unlike anything else I’ve tried!  And lifting weights never gets boring to me!  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I am taking care of my body and keeping myself strong and healthy!

Because of my growing passion for fitness, I made the decision to become an ACE certified personal trainer.  I am now training at Figures, and having such a great time sharing my knowledge and helping others!  As a trainer, I strongly believe that lifting weights is the best way to shape and strengthen your body.  My goal is to help other women feel comfortable in the weight room and have the confidence and knowledge to transform their bodies and reach their fitness goals!